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          Gabriela Damian Timosenco, Managing Director


Gabriela Damian Timoșenco is in charge of IFCP since the day of its foundation in 2008. She managed educational reform projects financed by Swiss Development Cooperation, Austrian Development Cooperation, International Labour Organisation, European Training Foundation and Liechtenstein Foundation. She is a certified DACUM Master Trainer, Curriculum Developer, Test Developer and Adult Trainer. Ms. Damian-Timosenco has background experience in teaching and social care development. However, the last 10 years of her career focus on reform of TVET systems. She specializes in strengthening capacities of social partners and establishing linkages between labour market and TVET by carrying out needs assessment, occupational mapping, developing occupational standards, demand-driven outcome-based curricula and tools for skills assessments.  Her experience as an international consultant in labor market and TVET issues dates back to 2009. Countries of work experience are Romania, Germany, Tajikistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Myanmar and Kuwait. Ms. Damian Timosenco has also produced studies in the field of labour market needs analysis, business and education cooperation, career guidance and counseling. For her, IFCP is where dreams come true through hard work and joint effort.



       Oleg Bezrucico – Programme Coordinator/Trainer


Oleg Bezrucico has been working for IFCP as Programme Coordinator and Trainer since 2008. He is certified by Ohio State University, USA in DACUM Methodology, Curriculum Development and Test development. Besides the pedagogical background, he has an experience of over 15 years in coordination and implementation of the international projects. At IFCP Mr. Bezrucico has been actively involved in implementation of the projects meant to support VET reform in republic of Moldova, financed by international donors such as Swiss Development Cooperation, Austrian Development Cooperation, International Labour Organisation, European Training Foundation and Liechtenstein Foundation. Within the recent years, Mr. Bezrucico extended his professional activities beyond the boundaries of the country, providing professional consultancy services in Tajikistan, Myanmar and Honduras. He considers that success is achieved through competence and professionalism. 



       Victoria Barbulat, Project Coordinator/Trainer


Victoria Barbulat has a vast experience in education sector activating as a lecturer in the Academy of Economic Studies, during 1998-2005. Besides this, she possesses a diploma in Management of Intellectual Property. She was trained in Occupational Standard Development Procedures and certified by International Labour Organization. In IFCP, Victoria Barbulat is responsible for good running of project activities and for achieving expected results. Her main activity consists in teachers training from IFCP schools-partners. In this context, Victoria Barbulat was member of the expert group who developed a complex learning guide for VET schools of the Republic of Moldova: teaching guide, glossaries, and test instruments for blue colour occupations. She developed a micro module “Professional Ethics” for training courses for workers of Water and Sanitation sector and trained about 100 persons. And this number will increase since the permanent self-improvement it's an indispensable compnent for a well done work in each profession.





       Anatol Pirlii, Project Assistant/PR Officer


Although Anatolie is the youngest team member, he has an impressive experience in governmental institutions and international conventions. Thanks to these practices, besides the exercising of fundamental workplace duties, he managed to strengthen the capabilities of working in cooperation with various projects, including foreign donors. He took part in various training courses, conferences and forums at national and international level as well as benefitted of professional experience exchange programs in Netherlands and Hungary.

At IFCP, Anatolie is responsible for promoting the image of the organization through various means: web, mass media, live events etc., for ensuring continuous connectivity with other entities and development partners, but also for quality logistical support.







       Lucia Ioncu, Financial Manager


Lucia Ioncu graduated from Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova; Faculty of International Economic Relations. Mrs Lucia Ioncu has been working for IFCP as Financial Manager since 2009. The passion for figure was instilled by the experience of 4 years in the field of financial auditing within an International Company. At IFCP, the main activities of Mrs. Ioncu are: the formation of budget for project technical assistance, finance management, carries out of all types of payments including remuneration of the human resources involved in a project implementation and in daily project activities, as well as communication with local courts. Being a person focused on the accuracy and details, but also a creative and responsive, Lucia manages to combine figures (financial rigors) with the freedom of thoughts, specific to associative sector. IFCP for her is the place where she feels like being home and interpersonal relations and good running of things matters most of all.